Let Jobs for Life help you get and keep a good job!

Jobs for Life classes teach students the skills needed to find and keep a good job. Work should be about more than earning enough money to get by. It should allow you to provide for your needs and the needs of your family. It should give you a sense of purpose!”

The Jobs for Life (JFL) classes will teach you what you need to know to find fulfilling work. Classes are faith based and you will learn to approach work in a new way… with dignity and purpose. Classes have no cost to you and will be held in the evening two days a week. You must apply to be considered for enrollment in this program.

Hear from these students as they share their experience.


  • How to communicate with better results
  • To create resumes, goals, and vocational plans
  • To understand what employers are looking for

Students will also get personal financial coaching, relationship skills training, and paid opportunities to practice these skills.

This training brings neighborhood based support resources for families. Classes will help you plan, find, and maintain work that allows you to improve your earning potential.


If you have questions and want to speak with someone, send an email to


In Columbus, 11,406 people are unemployed, despite more than 6,500 job openings. The problem is not an issue of availability but of access. There are personal, educational, and systemic barriers that prevent some of our neighbors from working or thriving at their jobs.

BETTER WORK Columbus addresses these problems. We believe it takes our communities coming together to help individuals find employment and experience the sense of purpose and belonging it brings. This is why we are bringing this network of resources into neighborhoods where they are most needed and providing tools for leaders, ministries, and job seekers through a partnership with Jobs for Life.

Better Work Columbus and Asbury United Methodist Church are active members of the Chattahoochee Valley Poverty Reduction Coalition (CVPRC), working in partnership with 20 organizations in the region to reduce poverty, improve equity, and increase opportunities across generations. The Jobs for Life initiative and the Oakland Park neighborhood are a focus of the CVPRC’s work in 2022, and member organizations are committed to supporting participant success.



There are many ways to help. One of our greatest needs is for mentors to Champion students as they learn to sucessfully navigate the workforce. If you have ever had a mentor, you understand how important this is!

JFL mentors are called Champions for a reason, and this is a critically important role. As a Champion, you will give students the gentle encouragement they need to successfully begin their journey to more fulfilling work. You will accompany a student during a transformative process as you provide friendship, support, guidance, assistance and sense of community need to overcome their personal barriers to employment.


Why You Should Join Us

→ JFL is a proven curriculum and a nationally recognized program.
→ Sites within the network will implement new strategies that deepen access to meaningful work.
→ The JFL model reinforces that work is more than a paycheck. It is a source of pride and dignity addressing the loss of identity that comes with unemployment.

BETTER WORK Network will to connect people who have been chronically unemployed or underemployed with meaningful jobs and give them resources and tools to transform their lives. Watch this video to learn more.

LEARN MORE about mentoring with BETTER WORK and JFL.

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